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about us

Bansi Vidya Niketan co-educational English Medium School, Affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary education, New Delhi was established in the year 2000 at Sector-56, Faridabad by great visionary Late Sh. Bansi Dagar Ji. It is about the spirit, morals and ethics of life. Bansi Vidya Niketan is developed by a team of eminent educationists and teachers who have extensive academic and research experience. Education is often understood as a mean of overcoming handicaps, achieving greater equality and acquiring wealth and status for all. Education is also often perceived as a place where children can develop according to their unique needs and potential, with the purpose of developing every individual to their full potential. To fulfill this purpose of education we firmly believe that the students should not only be taught their syllabus but they should also be taught how to deal with the world outside, how they can remain peaceful in adverse situations. Furthermore, they should also be taught some modern techniques of improving memory so that education may become a joyful activity for all of them. To fulfill these purposes we are running 3M Program in our each and every school i.e., Motivation, Memory, Meditation. Nobody can deny that all children are blessed with varying talents and abilities and are entitled to a chance to honing those unique attributes.

Bansi Vidya Niketan gives global edge to every student through National , International Olympiads, develops life skills like communication and Interpersonal skills, Decision making and critical thinking, Self – management, Leadership qualities, Languages empowerment.


Our vision is to create world peace through education and to nurture thoughtfu and proactive world citizens and leaders committed to the service of humanity.


Our mission is to explore the unexplored treasures within the children and to visualise beyond limits. We inspire every child to become both good and smart, a pride of the human race and a potential light of the world